Campus ERP

Campus ERP is a fullfledged coverage for Educational Institutions covering Admissions,Library Managment,Logistics, Admin, Fleet Management and Inventory Tracking.

Banking Big Analytics

Data Architecture/Model with “Right-timed” Business Intelligence information to business users and customers by integration of client enablement platforms e.g. Banking, Cards, Lending and Insurance. “Single Truth of Information” facilitates : Reporting, Analytics, Data Mining ,Data Modeling and Business Intelligence

Digital Roadz

Digital Roadz is a process approach of ABITS in streamlining India's biggest challenge of Urban/Highway traffic system and to bring health behavioural impact due to better road and traffic system and high most safety measures of travel.

Also, environmental benefit include restricting green gas emissions. All these bring time , cost and energy saving. Economical positive impact to GDP.


An integrated bigdata incident/activity/event life-cycle tracking and communication centralized/hub based system for public/private entities.

Seamless integration with governmental organizations/private/entities/NGO and general public and can be coupled with work flow of associated IT systems. Big analytics for trend analysis/forecast/predictive and better proactive/reactive planning.