ABITS UK with Managing Director Mr.Sridhar Kamakoti,and his 30 years of around the world business experience and in-depth leadership expertise and joined hands with IT veterans from top niche phenomenal leadership team helped ABITS to scale-up in a Smart way, expand its operations to reach globally, focus on state-of-art solution and of execution excellence mission.

ABITS UK current workforce with 300+ consultants consists of Solution Architects, SMEs, Database Administrators, Project Managers and Consultants across Niche IT technologies and platforms and providing services to Fortune-500 companies.


ABITS is an emerging Company with strong management team and support from India.

A group of IT veterans joining hands with seasoned top IT niche talents.

ABITS Global presence in IT in India/UK/Middle East/Asia Pacific, Coverage includes wide range of product base and frame works in Cloud, Mobile Apps and Big Data.

Competency in managing services and off-shore services (Project/Product) Oracle Gold Partner.

S-Force (Staff Augmentation Force) of top niche skills catering to Top 500 companies worldwide.